I am a passionate photographer, father and chef.  


My love of photography came about when I had my first child and I knew that I had to have my first DSLR to capture some beautiful images of my son.  


As my child grew so did my love affair with photography, Taking him on many adventures across the Lake District and the French Pyrenees, I discovered the simple joy of landscape and enjoying the rising sun over a mountain top and recording that small moment of perfection.

Being a chef for over 20 years, working in some of the best hotels in Europe, my passion for great food took my photography journey to the most natural of conclusions, food photography.  I started to write and photographed my first blog and web site, Simply Homemade.  (http://stiggyw.wixsite.com/simplyhomemade).

These days I combine my two great passions and use them to help others convey their own passion.

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